Investing in
blockchain technologies
and crypto assets
Our primary aim is to find the most perspective blockchain projects that are standing out of the crowd and can really make a difference in the future.


We are standing at the forefront of the emerging digital economy and believe in the full potential of its blockchain technology. Indeed, our confidence is not groundless as we have seen a vast amount of brilliant projects that bring value to the community and are constantly adapting to new economic environment regardless of the odds.

We advocate the blockchain ecosystem-development, its market penetration and Global spread.Our team consists of experts with an outstanding experience both in traditional and blockchain markets. We combine our enthusiasm, skills and experience in order to strive together towards the success for our team and investors.

There is no doubt that the global recognition of the blockchain venture capitalism and crypto-economy is the tomorrow’s future, which in fact is closer than you can imagine. The Inception fund is proud to be a part of this future and one of the drivers for its success.

We invest
not only in uniqueness of
many start-ups
but in blockchain
future itself.

Risk diversification

We have developed our own investment strategy that takes all its best from the traditional market, adapted to crypto market and allows us to maximise profits.

Due diligence

We invest only in projects that have successfully passed our filtering analysis and received the highest score in our investment scorecard.

Fund’s privileges

We fight for and get the best investment allocation privileges in perspective start-ups at early stage.

Vast experience

We are not just experts from different financial sectors but are successful venture investors from both traditional and blockchain markets.


Inception fund works in a full compliance with all juridical standards of the country it is registered in. All legal documents are provided.

Security & Transparency

We apply the most up-to-date, effective and multi-functional digital-asset storages.

Inception investment scheme

The capital is in hands of our top investment managers. We’ve invested and continue to invest our own money in order to be 100% trustworthy, motivated and to act for our own and interests best interest.
Our investment experience is extensive and risk-management strategy is well-planned.

Exit: 0%

3% MF 30%
Trading 10%
Crypto assets 50%
ICO investments 40%
I class 30%
II class 30%
III class 40%
P r o f i t


Evgeniy Birin
Managing Partner

Evgeniy has more than 20 years of experience in Computer Science field as well as vast experience in administrative and managerial positions. He is currently one of partners at MBSE Group. Over the last couple of years he had invested in many blockchain projects, provided consultation and even became a partner in some of them.

Lenar Rakhmanov
Managing Partner & CEO

Lenar has worked for more than 10 years in fields of consulting,investment as well as provided legal assistance for many investment deals on a global scale. Previously he worked for 5 years in PWC (big4) and is currently a full member of “Aeroexpress” LLC board of directors. Apart from that he is the leading legal counsel at UMMC.

Alexey Khalezov
Managing Partner & COO

Alexey is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in business management of IT sector in the fields of finTech, systems integration and investment. Over the last 4 years he has been specialising at private investment management and business development. Since 2015 is working with seed-stage blockchain start-ups.

Dmitry Perepelkin
Investment Officer

Dmitry has more than 4 years of a diverse experience in derivatives trading, business development and investment management, which he partly acquired during his professional studies in Switzerland at Bern University of Applied Sciences. He has previously worked as an independent investment analyst at “Global Advisors Jersey Limited” crypto hedge-fund.

Ekaterina Skobitskaia
Public Relations Officer

Ekaterina has an immense experience in Media: more than 6 years in financial journalism and 4 years in marketing. She is the winner of the international award “Citi Journalistic Excellence Award” of Citibank in the field of business and financial journalism. She has successfully accomplished advanced training course at Columbia University in New-York. She is is still cooperating with many international and well-known companies in Social Media Marketing.

Andrey Khalezov
Senior Analyst

Having received his education at ITMO University and continued his activity in backend development, Andrey has been successfully working in the IT sector for more than 5 years. Successfully managing a team of 12 developers, brought the product to a new level. A wealth of experience in IT Development, analytics, customer development, community building and management team development complement his areas of competence and allow even more efficient analysis of projects.


The cryptocurrency market

The triumph of crypto-funds

The cryptocurrency hedge-fund industry is currently the fastest-growing segment of entire crypto industry. Moreover, there were several crypto-funds that outpaced the rest traditional funds in the 2017th list of most profitable global funds. In 2016 only 25 crypto-funds were launched in comparison with 139 in 2017. At the beginning of 2018 more than 147 crypto hedge-funds have been successfully launched and new funds are entering the market every month. Indeed, the market is growing fast so as the profits.


We are constantly monitoring the market and conducting a profound due diligence in order to add perspective projects in our portfolio. Our investment methodology and analytical database allows us to select great projects and to be at forefront of the blockchain industry


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